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What is Hammer Fit? Hammer Fit is a Network of Fitness Coaches, unifying under the Hammer Fit name and principles, to offer the very best in fitness training and coaching across the US at a very fair and affordable monthly rate. Combined within our ranks, our network hosts hundreds of years of experience assembled to offer to Athletes of all ages and levels a place to seek professional advice and guidance to meet and exceed your fitness goals.

At Hammer Fit, we believe in one thing first and above all, exceed customer expectations. We are customer centric, meaning that your goals are our goals. We value your thoughts and certainly place communication at the forefront of our efforts. That is our promise.

Whatever your needs, be it to becoming the very best version of you aesthetically to preparing to take the stage in fitness and bodybuilding competitions, you can bank on Hammer Fit being there to see it through with you by your side. We have the experience, the knowledge and the wisdom to be one your provider to carry you through to the end. 

Hammer Fit boasts within it's ranks, fitness enthusiasts and professionals that take heart and pride in helping to develop others to maximize their potential. At Hammer Fit, rest assured, each and everyone of the our Ambassadors is fully qualified to coach you through your goals. All Hammer Fit Ambassadors at a very minimum are themselves Fitness Competitors. We believe to have heart and passion to help others succeed in their goals and dreams, we need to have the experience living 
them ourselves!

We DO NOT ask Athletes to do anything we ourselves have not done nor endured ourselves.  We always WALK THE TALK! That is the Hammer Fit way.

Sincerely, Mark Hummel, Co-Founder Hammer Fit